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Embryos for sale

Diamond Genetics works with the elite group of animals in the breed and has allways a wide range of interesting embryos available in all possible price ranges.

Below a few examples of donor cows from which we have embryos available at the moment.
Contact us for more information or for the complete embryo inventory.

#5 Seagull-Bay SUPERSIRE x De-Su 1778-ET
(Supersonic x EX-90 Toystory x VG-87 Oman x VG-89 Mtoto x VG-85 Gibbon x Morningview Converse Judy EX-93-USA GMD DOM)
An early Supersonic-daughter with +2354 GTPI from the Converse Judy family. GTPI-PA of this combination is over 2400 GTPI.

 Morningview Oman Annette VG-87-USA
Morningview Tstory Amaya EX-90-USA DOM                   Morningview Oman Annette VG-87-USA GMD DOM - Grand dam