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Vacature embryo transplanteur rundvee (m/v)

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DG Charley heads to ABS Global

Diamond Genetics and ABS Global  have reached an angreement about the world wide marketing of the bull DG Charley.
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New address Diamond Genetics

Since the 31st of August 2015, Diamond Genetics has moved in to their new office, the new address is: Diamond Genetics, Trawlerweg 19, 8042 PZ Zwolle, The Netherlands. 
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BARB #1 RED CARRIER in the breed!

The whole World was looking for the Red Carrier result coming back on Calbrett Supersire Barb, and today she confirmed to be a RED CARRIER! With +2512 GTPI / +3581 DGV LPI she is the #1 GTPI & GLPI Red Carrier Heifer in the World!!
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