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Some examples of high ranking top bulls delivered trough DIAMOND GENETICS

Mars YORICK @ Ascol
One of the most popular Young Sires in the World right now!
#2 GTPI & #1 GLPI Atwood son in the World
Parma PP @ RSH Germany
The #1 Homozygous Polled bull World Wide
POLLED from the Roxy - family
Bossonova @ Masterrind
Bronco x Baviere VG-FR 2yr. - Spottie's
g RZG +153 - #7 g RZG bull in Germany
Veenhuizer Plan Z @ Masterrind
Planet x Veenhuizer Shottle Zadia 15 
g RZG +147 - #1 Planet son in Germany
AJDH Camera @ RSH
Snowman x Anderstrup Ramos Camil
g RZG +140 / #3 SNowman in Germany
Hood M-O-M Emmet @ Ascol
Man-O-Man x Tramilda-N Baxter Emily!
Top GLPI bull World Wide: GLPI +3321!
Brisbane @ RSH / RMV
Bowser x Fustead Oman Sammy
g RZG +153 - #10 gRZG bull in Germany
Twin Veno @ RBB
Vaucluse x Coldsprings Laudan
#1 Vaucluse son in Germany
JK Eder Ziras @ RBB
Xacobeo x Wit Goldwyn Ricky
#3 Xacobeo son in Germany
Beeze Dertour @ RSH
Destry x Morningview RUW Bertha
#3 R&W Type bull in Germany
Leko @ RBB
Laudan x Chemello Jocko Benge
#1 RZG Laudan son
BG E.T. @ OHG Genetics
Shottle x Chemello Jocko Benge
#3 Shottle Germany - #2 ISU bull France
Veenhuizer Manur @ RSA
Mascol x Oman Neblina
#2 RZG Mascol son
Willemshoeve Frajo @ Masterrind
Freddie x Juniper Goldwyn Whisper
g RZG +144 - #5 Freddie son in Germany
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